Day #8: Hometown

I will always be thankful for my roots in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. I was born there, I lived there until I was seven, and I spent every summer and holiday there until I was 16. It was my home, the place I still visit in my dreams. I breathe more thoroughly there. Growing up in a small town provided me with opportunities I didn’t have as a latch-key kid in the Twin Cities. This is a photo of Rice Lake with its 1926 Christmas decorations (before my time) that captures the spirit of this lovely gem in Wisconsin.

Rice Lake, WIsconsin, Christmas, 1926

Day #7: Meditation

Each year, we work on modifying one behavior, keeping it simple. We’ve learned that it takes time. We have to be patient with setbacks. We have to forgive ourselves … frequently. This year, we have been learning to meditate. It’s not easy. It’s tough to still one’s mind for 20 minutes each day. The deadlines in our work are relentless and stress-inducing. We work with more than 120 clients. Expectations are high. 

We began meditating in April. Although we felt a little silly about it, we tried Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body, and Spirit. It sounds dramatic, but meditation has changed our lives. We’re calmer. We’re more focused. And perhaps, best of all, we’re becoming self-aware. That’s a big change for two people who can stare at their computer screens for 18 hours a day. If we miss a day of meditation, we feel it. Meditating is now an ingrained part of our lives. And I’m grateful for it.

Day #6: Cabaret, the movie

How does a society descend into horrific intolerance? I grew up in a school system that emphasized the history of the Holocaust. We learned through reading, lectures from Holocaust survivors, film, but it was this movie, Cabaret, based on Chrisopher Isherwood’s The Berlin Stories and the play based on those stories, I Am a Camera, that put all the pieces together for me. I was a senior in high school when it was released. My friends and I saw it several times. We cheered when it won so many Academy Awards (although it didn’t win Best Picture). The images from the film, the scenes, the music still play in my mind today. I am grateful for this movie for opening my mind and heart.

Joel Grey and Liza Minnelli in Cabaret

Day #3: Beyond Paper Towels

Today, something more mundane. We have been working for 30 years to reduce our consumer impact on the planet. It was hard to give up paper towels. I am grateful for these huck cloths. Washable, lint-free, the right size, they can do everything a paper towel could do … and did I say they’re washable? We color code them: pink for the bathroom, green for the kitchen, yellow for the laundry room. It’s further progress toward our goal to lessen our household impact on landfills. I know my grandmother would approve.