Day #207: Birthday Month

I am grateful for Birthday Month. There, I’ve said it out loud. Not that my family and friends are slouches in the Treat Vicki Well department throughout the year but there’s something so … gratifying about claiming a month for your very own. Growing up, my grandmother’s birthday was a week before mine, so we always celebrated our birthdays together with a small family birthday party. That was it. One day. Which is sufficient, right? A whole month is so decadent. Isn’t it? A big thanks to my husband for making this woman feel so special.

any candles
a cake topped with some lit candles before blowing out the cake, on a rustic wooden table full of confetti, party horns and streamers, with a filtered effect

Day #193: Olives and Birthdays

 It is so much fun to share your birthday with a good friend, one whose birthday is the day after yours. Getting together to celebrate that our lives are still ongoing leaves me feeling effervescent! And honoring all that we’ve added to life’s weaving through the years? That fills me with gratitude. (I especially love when said friend knows me well enough to bring a gift of olives, my favorite food!)