Day #341: Koselig

I have a new project. I’m going to shift my mindset and decide that I love winter. I must. I dread the season so entirely that it does me in. So, instead, I will do as the Norwegians suggest and embrace it. Thank you, Maggie Moris, for finding this article. We have already made a few of these suggestions a part of our lives but now I will learn to appreciate the rest. I may even go outside into the cold. I will be grateful for koselig.

Norwegian koselig

Day #65: Seed Catalogues

It is very cold outside. It’s going to get colder. And it will snow. It will snow a great deal tomorrow. My thoughts turn, without help, to spring and gardens and planting. Seed catalogues are filled with color and dreams, the scents of soil and flowers and greens. The tenderness of sunlight and shade. It is gratifying to know that people have sought a winter lifeline in seed catalogues for more than one hundred years. The artwork is an inspiration.

Seed Catalogue covers