Day #306: Librarians

I am grateful for librarians everywhere: in public libraries, school libraries, business libraries, church libraries, and specialty libraries. They know how to access information. They are concerned about opening the arms of the reading community to include more people. They share what they know … and they know A LOT. My thanks to every librarian who has made a difference in my life, including the librarian who helped me research “day parts” and ketchup use at fast food restaurants and the librarian who helped me find my way to the repository of the English language in Norway. Librarians are superheroes.

Librarians are like search engines

Day #22: South Dakota

One of our deep pleasures is driving around the United States, experiencing the rural and small city landscapes, taking time to stop and talk to people who live every day in these vital locations. We are truly an interdependent country, all of us contributing to our health and welfare. My grandmother’s family settled in eastern South Dakota, a beautiful landscape of farms and ranches and small-town hubs of commerce and community. I am grateful for the people of this area and the land they lovingly support. Some of my earliest memories are of these farm fields, the small rock cairns, and the South Dakota sky.

Day #4: Family

As an only child, I am grateful that I grew up with so many second and third cousins. My grandmother had 11 brothers and sisters who frequently got together with their families. These are the MN and WI group in the ’60s … most of the family lived in SD, IA, and IL. That community of relatives was important for feeling loved, welcomed, and connected.

family gathering 1966