Day #326: Our Birch Tree

Our birch tree stands behind our garage, where it is sometimes forgotten, I think. And then in the fall it lights on fire like a glorious sunrise over the garage, commanding notice from passersby. Its small leaves provide a wonderful rustling in the slightest wind but we do not SEE the tree that often. Until now. I love birch trees, both the paper and river varieties, which are most commonly seen here. There are several in our neighborhood that distinguish themselves with their glowing bark. Another reminder to pay attention to the glory all around us, both trees and people.

birch tree in autumn

Day #175: Toilet Paper

This may be my most mundane GJ post yet, but it’s an important one. For years I have been bothered by our use of tree-based toilet paper. Cutting down old-growth forests for this purpose is disturbing and non-sustainable. So we’ve tried to find the best substitute. At this point, we can recommend Silk ‘n’ Soft, which is 100% bamboo. It is $4 more expensive for the pack than tree-based TP, but the cost of deforestation is much higher. At this point, it is only available on Amazon (even their website steers you to Amazon) but we need to talk with our grocery stores to stock bamboo toilet paper Is it as soft and fluffy as tree-based, heavily-bleached toilet paper? No. But it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

Silk 'n' Soft bamboo toiilet paper

Day #157: The Trees of Spring

We live in the middle of Timber Crest Forest. Trees are plentiful. After months of knowing the trees by their trunks, boughs, and branches, the leaves are budding out. There’s a haze of color from rusty red to soft green to lime green to brown. I am grateful for the change of seasons … and for the beauty of trees. Let’s plant some more.

trees budding out
tree branch with buds background, spring