Day #210: Alphabetical Order

I am grateful for order, specifically alphabetical order. It suits my brain. In my first job, I was a library page, putting books back on the shelves in alphabetical or Dewey decimal order. After 7 years, I couldn’t walk into a bookstore without scanning the shelves to make sure they were in order and using the one-arm technique to align the spines. Today, our home bookshelves are in alphabetical order (except for the nonfiction which is in Dewey, not LC, order). Our DVD collection is in alphabetical order. Even our spices are in alphabetical order although one of us in this household doesn’t seem to realize that. “Where is the marjoram?” So, to the very first person who put things in alphabetical order, I am grateful. You bring me joy daily.

alphabetical order
Extreme close up of an alphabetical organizer tray used to store business cards

Day #207: Birthday Month

I am grateful for Birthday Month. There, I’ve said it out loud. Not that my family and friends are slouches in the Treat Vicki Well department throughout the year but there’s something so … gratifying about claiming a month for your very own. Growing up, my grandmother’s birthday was a week before mine, so we always celebrated our birthdays together with a small family birthday party. That was it. One day. Which is sufficient, right? A whole month is so decadent. Isn’t it? A big thanks to my husband for making this woman feel so special.

any candles
a cake topped with some lit candles before blowing out the cake, on a rustic wooden table full of confetti, party horns and streamers, with a filtered effect

Day #206: Being Positive

Some days it’s tough to reach for a positive attitude, to find something to be grateful for, to pass through the overwhelmingly bad news to believe that it’s up to us to transcend the evil in this world. And then we look up. As one component of millions of people who create the consciousness of this world, looking up is our best reminder of how large our world is … and what we are fighting for.

Noctilucent clouds, a rare phenomenon, by gofororbit, Wikimedia Commons.
Photo: Noctilucent clouds, a rare phenomenon, by gofororbit, Wikimedia Commons.

Day #191: Rabbit, Rabbit

I am grateful for the quirky traditions that are passed along through the generations. Today is the first day of June. I hope you brought yourself good luck for the month by saying “rabbit, rabbit” before you got of bed this morning … and when you did get out of bed, it was over the foot of the bed. I learned of this tradition from a librarian at my first job. Where did it originate? How many of you do this? Are you convinced that it brings you luck?

Day #181: Tea Kettle

I’ve lost count of how many coffee-makers we’ve burned through in our lives. And every time we had to throw one away because it was beyond repair, I felt guilty. And we were brewing hot tea and coffee in plastic! I am grateful to the Vermont Country Store, which often stocks the items my grandmother used and which work well. We now have a stainless steel tea kettle (no whistle, thank you). It cleans up beautifully.

Stainless Steel Tea Kettle

Day #180: Neighborhoods

Driving in the car always reminds me how many neighborhoods there are throughout our state, our country, our globe, and how vital each one is to the health of our planet. We want all of these communities to thrive because their contributions to our well-being are essential. When visiting, we encourage conversations about what’s important to them, their pride of place, their families … and we reaffirm how much we care about each other. Strangers? Not for long.

Neighborhood get-together

Day #175: Toilet Paper

This may be my most mundane GJ post yet, but it’s an important one. For years I have been bothered by our use of tree-based toilet paper. Cutting down old-growth forests for this purpose is disturbing and non-sustainable. So we’ve tried to find the best substitute. At this point, we can recommend Silk ‘n’ Soft, which is 100% bamboo. It is $4 more expensive for the pack than tree-based TP, but the cost of deforestation is much higher. At this point, it is only available on Amazon (even their website steers you to Amazon) but we need to talk with our grocery stores to stock bamboo toilet paper Is it as soft and fluffy as tree-based, heavily-bleached toilet paper? No. But it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

Silk 'n' Soft bamboo toiilet paper