A Year (or more) of Reading, with gratitude is a goal I’ve set for myself, recording books I’ve read that I’d like to share with other adult readers and with children. My earlier posts are a part of my Gratitude Journal, to which I contributed daily for one year in 2019. Staying focused on the aspects of my life and work for which I am grateful, doing my best to stay positive about the world and all the people living here.

I am the publisher of Bookology magazine and Fresh Bookology, a bi-monthly e-newsletter, featuring articles and interviews and book recommendations within the field of children’s literature.

With my husband Steve Palmquist, we are the owners of Winding Oak, LLC, established in 1988, designing websites, print material, and book extensions. We work with clients around the world, helping them raise awareness for the services, projects, books, and products that define their lives.