Day #80: Stock Photos

When we first started our graphic design firm, purchasing a license to use a photo in our print designs was a challenge. Photo licensing companies sent out thick, bound catalogs. We’d page through to find an appropriate photo, call the company, and negotiate a price. That price depended on how many copies we’d print and which eyes would be seeing them and how long the piece would be in circulation. It wasn’t uncommon to be charged $500 or more for one-time use of a particular image.

The advent of online stock photo companies changed that process. Some high-end photos are still licensed that way but for many there is a small licensing fee ($3 to $50). We haven’t seen a printed photo catalog in 15 years. There are some days that I spend hours on a photo search. A project I just completed needed 11 photos. Instead of a $5,000 bill, the fee was $35. So the internet is a blessing in this regard.

Puppy and bunny

I am grateful for this improvement in our work process, especially for our clients’ budgets, and for the plethora of possibilities for visual impact. And then there’s the added bonus of doing a search for “bunny” and finding a photo that touches my heart. A bright spot in my day.

Day #79: Color and Optimism

I made this commitment to write daily about something for which I’m grateful because I felt A NEED FOR OPTIMISM. Realizing that I have more than four things things to write about is … gratifying. After searching the term “need for optimism” the results are intriguing. Many good articles to read.

One of the most surprising was an announcement of the Pantone Color of the Year, something I follow as a graphic designer. This year it’s “Living Coral.”Pantone reports that the color was chosen because of our “innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.” Laurie Pressman of the Pantone Color Institute explained, “We see the environment taking on an even greater role in the world we live in today for two primary reasons, one being how connected we are to technology. Because we are so connected to something that’s not real, we really need to find that balance closely and intimately with something that is real and you don’t get more real than nature.” For me, this is a three-fer: optimism, color, and honoring our environment.

Pantone Color of the Year Living Coral 16-1546