Action How Movies Began

Action!: How Movies Began

The invention of film and movies? This book captures that very early “how do we record movement and play it back so people can watch who aren’t anywhere near what’s taking place” fervor.

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Day #173: Doris Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about the context of history in recent weeks, mostly in terms of books, but other people and events are added

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Day #163: Star Wars

I cannot let this day slip away without expressing gratitude for Star Wars. When the original film was first released in 1977, I was leaving

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Day #21: Hallmark!

Some days are challenging enough. At the end of the day, I crave the comfort of a Hallmark Christmas movie. I’m grateful for them. Now

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Day #6: Cabaret, the movie

How does a society descend into horrific intolerance? I grew up in a school system that emphasized the history of the Holocaust. We learned through reading,

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