Day #310: Richard Jackson

I am grateful for so many fine children’s book and grown-ups’ books editors. They seldom put their names on books, so you have to know which books they’ve worked on through the grapevine, but the work they do is intense, precise, encouraging, and skilled. One of the best passed away this week. Richard Jackson was highly respected by so many people in the children’s lit world. Many of the people I know are feeling sad, knowing we won’t experience his deft touch with a manuscript again. Farewell, Mr. Jackson. I am grateful for your talent and your dedication throughout many decades. (pictured here with two of the books he authored after he retired)

Richard Jackson editor author

Day #301: Happenstance

I am grateful for happenstance. Don’t you find it amazing that a bunch of things find a confluence and magically appear in your life? Today, a dear friend sent me a link to prolong the pleasure of our recent drive through northern Wisconsin. Little did she know that it showcases the talents of a photographer I admire, the river I love the most, and the guitarist who I think is awesome because he is so versatile and carries all of this MUSIC in his being! Gary Noren, the St. Croix River, and Dean Magraw. Thank you to Nancy and Agate for this beauty in my day. (You must visit Agate Magazine to view this video. Because of privacy settings, clicking on the image below won’t work.)