Day #156: eBooks

I am grateful for e-books. There. I’ve said it. I normally keep that quiet because I feel like I’m betraying The Readerhood. I have my

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Day #154: Picnic

Yesterday, my cherished husband packed up a picnic lunch, invited me to sit lakeside to watch the spring waters, and converse. It was a much-needed

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Day #153: Numerology

Numbers have intimidated me for most of my life. Words are my comfortable space, numbers not so much. In high school, we spent a month

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Day #151: Earth Day

I am grateful every day for the wonder of our Earth. So much beauty. Treated with respect, it provides sustenance, which we must return. We

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Day #149: Curtains

All throughout the winter, what I miss the most is the comfort of our curtains blowing in the breeze. The graceful dance of the curtains

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