Dragon Hoops Gene Luen Yang

Dragon Hoops

This week, I’m going to throw a book by another great writer onto the court. I hadn’t read Dragon Hoops by Gene Luen Yang before because it’s about basketball and I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy it. If you feel that way, put all doubt aside. Read this book!

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My Mother's Tongues

My Mother’s Tongues

This charming book will draw you into the story with its appreciation for language and accents within one family, yet focused on the world.

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Day #315: Nussbaum

I am grateful for the endless possibilities of language. This morning (before 7 am) my spouse and I were discussing the origins of the terms

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Day #308: New words

I am grateful for learning new words. Today I learned “bae.” According to an etymological dictionary, it is Danish for poop. The interesting part is

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Day #123: Raconteur

While reading “My Father’s Stack of Books” by Kathryn Schulz in The New Yorker, I came across her description of her father as an “epic

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