Caution: Road Signs Ahead

Caution: Road Signs Ahead

Taking a road trip this summer? Traveling with the youngest among us? Be sure to pack this book.

A sturdy board book, it will survive the trip intact.

Unlike many nearly wordless board books, Caution: Road Signs Ahead is packed with information that will lead to focused and fun conversations.

The road signs are grouped into Everyday, Neighborhood, Highway, Caution, and Nature. Each section is filled with die-cut signs (a true-to-life depiction of the road signs we see everywhere), with an explanation on the facing page: “Playground. Go slowly because children are playing nearby.” In clear, well-chosen language, short descriptions make the signs easy to learn and repeat. “Fuel. Take this exit to get to a gas station!”

Caution Road Signs Ahead
illustration copyright Chi Birmingham from Caution: Road Signs Ahead, written by Toni Buzzeo, published by Rise x Penguin Workshop, 2021.

The endpapers in the back depict a catalogue of the signs, which inspires me to invent a game: can we check off all the signs on our trip? Will that keep us viewing out the windows instead of staring at an electronic device?

Brilliant book, Toni Buzzeo! Gorgeous graphics, Chi Birmingham!

Highly recommended.

Caution: Road Signs Ahead
written by Toni Buzzeo
illus by Chi Birmingham
Rise x Penguin Workshop, 2021
ISBN 978-0593224328

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