Day #104: Library of Congress

Are you guys aware of the astounding digital resources available at the Library of Congress website? I am SO grateful for access to a plethora of research possibilities. Yesterday, I needed information on Alan Lomax, the folk musicologist.Here’s a short paragraph:

“This presentation contains more than 500,000 pages of Alan Lomax’s personal papers and office files from his time at the Library of Congress (1932-1942) and from his post-Library career through the 1990s. Featured are Lomax’s writing projects such as Land Where the Blues Began (1993), the unpublished Big Ballad Book, as well as documentation of his extensive work in radio for the CBS and BBC networks. Also included are thousands of pages of field notes and correspondence associated with his field projects beginning in the 1930s.”

THOUSANDS of pages. And this is only one collection in the vast holdings that are increasingly being made available to all of us. I LOVE Libraries.

Lead Belly and Josh White playbills as collected by Alan Lomax, from the collection at the Library of Congress

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