Day #105: The Guthrie Theater

We are very lucky to have a world-class theater nearby. I attended The Guthrie Theater in elementary school when it first opened. We were always given opportunities to see the plays through school and my mother took me to several plays each year. That established a tradition. The Twin Cities has a vibrant theater community of which The Guthrie is one of the foundations. Since 1963, the theater has continued to grow and evolve. We recently attended “As You Like It,” the Shakespearean play, in which the director, Lavina Jadhwani, experiments with characters, setting, and music. I am grateful for the presence of theater in my life. Start the tradition for your own children and grandchildren. (Did you know that you can attend Guthrie plays during the Wednesday matinee for $15 per ticket? Fantastic deal.)

The Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis, MN

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