Day #107: Barbie

It’s National Barbie Day. She was born in 1959. March 9th has been proclaimed her birthday. My grandmother loved to sew Barbie clothes. I think she could be her most creative with the amazing outfits she created for Barbie, so it may be that I received my first Barbie because Grandma could indulge her inner fashionista. I’m aware of all the arguments for Barbie being a detrimental role model. For me, Barbie was never about body image or pinkocity or vapid dreams. My friends and I would play together in our back yards, spinning stories that featured Barbie and Midge and Ken and Skipper. We sewed clothes for them. We designed furniture and houses for them. I have good memories of summer days, spent with friends, stretching ourselves outside of our real lives into the cosmos of imagination. I’m grateful for that.


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