Day #11: Brushing My Teeth

With that title this can only be an everyday gratitude statement. When we made the decision to eliminate as much plastic as we could from our lives, it began to bug us that we were throwing toothbrushes into the landfill so frequently. Plastic handles and bristles—surely there had to be a better way? After some research, I discovered bamboo toothbrushes with nylon bristles, delivered in a paper box. I’ve ordered Weinisite toothbrushes from for a reasonable price. Now there are many more options available. Bamboo toothbrushes last for a long time with careful rinsing, they’re comfortable, and they get the job done. One billion toothbrushes go into American landfills each year. If we all switch to toothbrushes from a natural, renewable source, then we’ve removed one more non-degradable item from our waste stream.

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