Day #117: No Microwave

Once we made the decision to put our microwave away in a closet, the re-learning began. How would we warm up food? 

On the one hand, this feels slightly ridiculous because we didn’t cook with a microwave until 1982. I remember attending classes at Byerly’s Cooking School to master cooking in a microwave. The huge oven quickly became a kitchen staple, even when I did awful things like setting the timer for one hour instead of one minute and walked away into my office. (What happened? The interior of the microwave oven melted and so did the door.)

Lavangie silicone mats and Nordic Ware baking sheets

We’ve found two tools very handy for warming up food. Nordic Ware (shop local!) makes wonderful half sheet, quarter sheet, and large sheet baking pans. They’re very sturdy and easy to keep clean. With care, they should last us forever.

To line them, and keep them looking clean, we use Lavangie silicone baking mats. They come in sizes that fit those baking sheets.

There. It wasn’t as hard to adjust to cooking without a microwave as we imagined.

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