Day #139: Bravery and Kindness

At the first dance for my seventh grade class, we were all jittering with nerves. As the boys lined up on one side of the cafeteria and the girls lined up on the other, I hoped that my crush would ask me to dance. The boys were pointedly horsing around, appearing to be nonchalant, ignoring the girls. The music played and the dance floor was empty. Then, my crush asked a girl to dance, and another, and another … and me. I could tell that he was terrified. He held his body stiffly and there was no chatter. When he went back to the group of guys, they elbowed him and rubbed the short hair on his head, and teased him loudly. Who did he think he was? He was showing them up. And yet, that afternoon, I understood that bravery comes in many forms and kindness is a quality I admire greatly. I am grateful for people who step away from the pack to do what they believe is right.

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