Day #189: Bobby McFerrin

I am grateful for all of the acapella artists in the world, in many countries. It’s a form of music I find fascinating for its variations, harmonies, and connection. I was pleased to learn from Pamela Espeland at MinnPost this morning that Bobby McFerrin “has been named to the 2020 class of National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Masters. A vocalist, composer, conductor, educator, and a genius of vocal improvisation who’s comfortable in all genres …” My heart thrills whenever this glorious musician shares his innovations. Lucky us.

Bobby McFerrin

2 thoughts on “Day #189: Bobby McFerrin”

  1. Yes, yes! When I was pregnant with our son, I would dance around the house singing along to the radio playing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” the song that made him a household name, I believe. I was JUST talking to my husband today about how much I still love that song and how it takes me back to those pregnancy days.

  2. He was creative chair of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra for a number of years after “Don’t Worry,” which helped me and many others to recognize that he is a multi-talented, brilliant artist … and he has given so much to the world!


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