Day #191: Rabbit, Rabbit

I am grateful for the quirky traditions that are passed along through the generations. Today is the first day of June. I hope you brought yourself good luck for the month by saying “rabbit, rabbit” before you got of bed this morning … and when you did get out of bed, it was over the foot of the bed. I learned of this tradition from a librarian at my first job. Where did it originate? How many of you do this? Are you convinced that it brings you luck?

3 thoughts on “Day #191: Rabbit, Rabbit”

  1. Vicki! I learned it from my best friend in high school, Anne, the daughter of Sid Fleischman. In their tradition, I believe you had to say “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” (3x) before you spoke to anyone else the first morning of the month. I didn’t know the part about how to get out of bed.

    I’ll try to remember both on July 1st. LOVE this tradition…it’s so random.

  2. Your comment about being “so random” made me grin. That is EXACTLY what it is. I’m fascinated to think of the number of people who at least have this in their traditions lexicon and may think about it on time … or too late … on the first of every month.

  3. I’m so glad I read your comment before I got out of bed! The only words I’ve spoken this morning are to Google, to text email responses and this. Let’s pretend that doesn’t count. Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit!

    … Oh, wait… It’s still June! That’s what vacations will do to you…or at least to me. I guess it never hurts to have three extra rabbits running around.


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