Day #209: Lieutenant Kije Suite

One of my favorite composers, Prokofiev, composed the Lieutenant Kijé Suite to accompany a film by the same name. It was 1934 and it was Sergei Prokofiev’s first commissioned piece. The movie is about a fictitious lieutenant, invented by a bureaucrat, upon whom blame is laid for an action that displeases the tsar. Here, Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra play a glorious version. Listen to the first few minutes and you will be hooked. I am grateful for Prokofiev and his contributions to the music canon. 

1 thought on “Day #209: Lieutenant Kije Suite”

  1. Thank you!! I haven’t listened to this in SOOO long. I think we may have played it in my high school orchestra. I love love love Prokofiev…(I fell in love with Stravinsky in middle School French class)


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