Day #210: Alphabetical Order

I am grateful for order, specifically alphabetical order. It suits my brain. In my first job, I was a library page, putting books back on the shelves in alphabetical or Dewey decimal order. After 7 years, I couldn’t walk into a bookstore without scanning the shelves to make sure they were in order and using the one-arm technique to align the spines. Today, our home bookshelves are in alphabetical order (except for the nonfiction which is in Dewey, not LC, order). Our DVD collection is in alphabetical order. Even our spices are in alphabetical order although one of us in this household doesn’t seem to realize that. “Where is the marjoram?” So, to the very first person who put things in alphabetical order, I am grateful. You bring me joy daily.

alphabetical order
Extreme close up of an alphabetical organizer tray used to store business cards

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