Day #306: Librarians

I am grateful for librarians everywhere: in public libraries, school libraries, business libraries, church libraries, and specialty libraries. They know how to access information. They are concerned about opening the arms of the reading community to include more people. They share what they know … and they know A LOT. My thanks to every librarian who has made a difference in my life, including the librarian who helped me research “day parts” and ketchup use at fast food restaurants and the librarian who helped me find my way to the repository of the English language in Norway. Librarians are superheroes.

Librarians are like search engines

2 thoughts on “Day #306: Librarians”

  1. I am a librarian and I wanted to thank you for your kind words for my profession. I also am enjoying your Year of Gratitude. I have been printing your wonderful poetry selections. BRAVO and Happy New Year.


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