Day #335: Historians

S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

I am grateful for the many people, from many different life paths, who keep history alive, affording us with endless opportunities for reflecting, learning, and keeping our minds open.

Consider, if you will, one of my favorite songs, Gordon’s Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Written to commemorate the tragic sinking of the ore carrier on Lake Superior on Nov 10, 1975, it grabbed the attention of the whole country because of its musicality. The ship sank without a call for help with all 29 men on board killed.

One of my favorite museums, The National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, OH, is offering a special tour of the Col. James M. Schoonmaker Museum Ship to get a hands-on experience of this historic and tragic tale. If you’re in the Toledo area, set aside November 9th or 10th for this look into one of the mysteries of history.

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