Day #41: Dusters

Something practical for a Wednesday. Some years ago, a friend gave me a Swiffer duster and the dusting heads that went with it. (I know. This was one of those dubious gifts that makes you wonder all kinds of things.) After a couple of months, I used them because they were there And I found that I liked the ability to extend the plastic wand and reach out of the way places. Particularly when one is dusting a myriad of bookshelves, the floppy, dust-collecting fingers of the dusting heads were impressive. Yet it bothered me no end that this was a consumable, destined for the waste bin, and replete with chemicals. I am grateful that, with a bit of research, I found Eartherella flannel dusters (they call them fleece, but I don’t believe they are, and fleece is a petroleum product while flannel is not). They are washable, over and over again. (You could make them yourself if you have a sewing machine, but I like supporting innovative thinking.) We are hanging onto the plastic wand because throwing it away would put it into the trash stream and I don’t think this will ever wear out. You might like to give them a try.


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