Day #49: Glass Storage

Roughly 10 years ago, a dear friend of ours was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her doctor advised her to stop using plastic storage dishes immediately and never again cook in plastic. She relayed this to us and even gave us several glass dishes to substitute for prizes from a lifetime of Tupperware parties. We took her seriously and I am grateful for her advice. As we could, we switched over to using Ball canning jars to put up food in the freezer. (We donated our Tupperware—and my mother’s and grandmother’s—to Goodwill.) We switched to Pyrex for other types of storage. (Pyrex has plastic lids but they are sturdy, haven’t cracked, and don’t need replacing as other brands have.) We don’t fill either the jars or glass storage dishes with less than an inch of head room, so we’ve never had an exploding jar or cracked dish (and the plastic doesn’t touch the food). Smithsonian magazine wrote about Pyrex on its 100th birthday in 2015. 

Ball jars and Pyrex

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