Day #68: Professor Livingston

I will forever be grateful to Lorraine Livingston, my professor at Augsburg College, who taught Shakespeare: “Study of ten or twelve major plays, comedies, histories, tragedies with attention to the development of Shakespeare’s dramatic and poetic art. Additional plays assigned for reading and analysis.” The papers were demanding. The final was brutal. I loved every minute of that class. Because of her teaching and meticulous attention to details, I continue to read everything about and by Shakespeare to this day. Such a gift. Did you have a particular teacher who left a lasting gift with you?

William Shakespeare

2 thoughts on “Day #68: Professor Livingston”

  1. Dear Vicki: Thank you for your keen remembrance of Lorraine Livingston;
    she was a very close friend and colleague of mine for many years. I even helped her daughters scatter her ashes in Prospect Park! I was so honored by her friendship; she also served as a late night grammar consultant for me when I was in journalism school at the UM. Truly, an unforgettable person who enriched my life immeasurably. Boyd Koehler, professor emeritus and librarian, Augsburg University


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