I Am Happy

I Am Happy

I don’t know about kids, but I need this book right now.

A puppy and a cat cavort through the joyous pages of this cheerfully rhyming book.

Before the story begins, author Michael Rosen invites adults to read the book with children, then talk with kids about what makes them happy.

Fantastical and everyday activities drawn with exuberance will make kids giggle and imagine. Best of all, it will help them focus on being happy.

two-page spread copyright © Robert Starling, from I Am Happy, published by Candlewick Press / Walker Books, 2023

Robert Starling’s illustrations are big and bouncy, buoyant and uncomplicated.

This is a companion book to I Am Hungry, written and illustrated by the same duo. Good choices to help toddlers talk about big emotions.

Read this book with your favorite children. You will feel better, too.

I Am Happy
written by Michael Rosen
illustrated by Robert Starling
Candlewick Press, 2023
Suggested for ages 2 and up.
ISBN 978-1536231281

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