The Library of Ever

The Library of Ever
The Library of Ever

It is no secret that I have a passion for libraries. Here is an author who shares that passion in a glorious, inventive, and enthusiastic story!

What to write that won’t give away too much of the rapid-paced adventure?

Lenora, an eleven-year-old, is bored. Her parents are traveling, her nanny is self-absorbed, and a quick trip to the library where she’s not allowed to check out any books … results in Lenora wandering down a hall into The Library of Ever where “knowledge is a light.”

Suddenly, Lenora sports a badge that reads “Fourth Assistant Apprentice Librarian” and a ten-foot-tall woman assigns her to Calendars because she answered a question incorrectly on the subject.

“But wouldn’t it make more sense for me to work on things I already know about?” Lenora asked.

“Not at all!” Malachi arched one eyebrow. “Whyever would you want to do THAT? You’d learn absolutely nothing!”

From then on, Lenora seeks to help patrons with predicaments, some of whom are ants and penguins and memories (not ghosts).

As Lenora creatively solves problems in unexpected ways, she leaves grateful patrons behind her, and she is promoted to higher positions with more responsibility.

Men in dark suits with bowler hats threaten her. The Forces of Darkness, they seek to restrict access to knowledge and this eleven-year-old is determined to defeat them.

I read through this book, going back to read particularly clever passages, already knowing I will read this book more than once. It’s one of the best books I’ve read, a new favorite.

Thank heavens there’s a sequel, Rebel in the Library of Ever. I have it on reserve at the library. 

up all night reading
up all night reading

Highly recommended.

The Library of Ever
written by Zeno Alexander
Imprint (Macmillan)
ISBN 978-1250169174

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