Meow! The Truth about Cats

I have a love / dislike relationship with cats. I’ve always wanted to make a home for a cat, have a cat to cuddle up with, and yet I’ve had some bad run-ins with cats, resulting in deep scratches, hurt feelings, and fear. If someone had handed me this book after that first incident walking home from school … well, I think I would have understood cats better. 

Meow The Truth about Cats
Meow! The Truth about Cats

This book is quite simply gorgeous. When I finished paying attention to all the information in the text (short bites, perfect for challenged readers), absorbing all the spot-on photographs, the charts, the explanatory visuals, and laughing at the illustrations … I had learned a lot and I was over the moon about the layout of the book. It’s an experience!

So well designed. Visually energizing. A bright color palette. 

But it’s the information that blew me away. “What good are whiskers?” “Why do cats puff their tails?” “How do cats land on their paws?” We’ve always wanted to know the answers, right? 

illustrations Meow The Truth about Cats
illustration from Meow! The Truth about Cats, by Annette Whipple, Reycraft Books, 2022

This book will be enjoyed at school, in the library, and at home. And for people who love cats, this is a must-have. Read it to your cat.


Highly recommended.

Meow! The Truth about Cats
written by Annette Whipple
illustrations by Juanbjuan Oliver
Reycraft Books, 2022
ISBN 978-1478879572
suggested for ages 8 to 12

4 thoughts on “Meow! The Truth about Cats”

  1. Thank you so much for your review! Though I knew some of the other books in The Truth About series (Woof, Scurry…) would help readers to overcome fears, I failed to realize the same could be said about Meow. I’m grateful you enjoyed this and hope it will get in the hands of all the right readers.

    If you read a hardcover version (but not from the library since those get covered), be sure to take off the book jacket and open it up to see the full-size poster.

    Thank you!


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